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Last year, after finishing my year 12 exam i came home from hostel. I was 19 yrs old, 5′10”, tae-kwon-do player. We are six in the family. Dad, mom, one elder sister, me and two younger sisters. My dad is a tax officer and had his posting in narayanghat. Dad has a servant boy(kancha) 11 yrs old, who helps him with cooking and washing and goes to school during day. My mom lives with my sisters in kathmandu. After coming home, i told mom, i want to go to visit dad. After 2 weeks with my mom and sisters i went to visit dad. Narayanghat is a beautiful tarai to live in. My dad was delighted to see me. That evening we had a father and son conversation. I told him i wanted to go to australia to study it. He didn’t say a word. My dad is a very reserved type of person. After dinner, dad asked me to go for a walking. I knew he was going to talk something serious. He always takes us out to open quite place before tell us something serious. I was very nervous. As we were walking he told me he has bought some land and has put some money aside for our studies and marriages. He said i could go to india and study it, “india is very good in it and computer; its near home”. I could see his logic and desire to keep me near but i had made up my mind. After a long thought my dad told me one of his office staff’s daughter lives in sydney and had come nepal for holidays. He said he would talk to her and ask her what should i do and how. We came back from walk and i went to bed. Next morning dad asked me to come to his office at noon. After lunch i went to his office. Dad took me to staff room, where my dad’s colleagues and a girl was sited. He introduced me to everyone and to the girl. She told me her name was sarmista singh. She looked really beautiful. She was wearing red t-shirt, long white frog, white skin and pink lips, silky long hair and well built robust body with broad shoulder, strong back and legs, as if she was built for fuck.32 – 25 – 30, (i think). She was 22 yrs old. I was looking at her round, firm about to burst boobs. I stayed in office for a while and after having tea, i asked sarmista if we could talk to her outside. She said sure. As i was leaving office, i saw her behind me. She walked like a model, moving her ash. Its a pleasant sight to she her walk. We walked out of office. I asked her about australia and sydney. She was so excited to talk about australian life, her college and work. I was listening to her like little child listens to fairytale. She had a very sweet voice and good sense of humor. I was captivated by her talk. She asked why i wanted to go to sydney. I told her i want to become a computer engineer and bring big projects to nepal from australia. After listening to me her attitude totally changed. She started talking more serious stuff like life, love, money and career. I was cool with those topics. It was our first day of acquaintance and i wasn’t into any rush.

It was already 3 pm so i invited her to our place. My dad has rented two rooms and a kitchen just 5 minutes from his office. We came to our place and i took her to kitchen. She sat on a chair talking and i made tea. She was in front of me. Every time she moved her legs i could see her white legs. They were beautiful. She did caught me staring at her legs while changing her sitting positing. While having tea, i was looking at her boobs. She picked up a newspaper and held by her chest while talking with me. After having tea, she went home. I felt very bad after she left. She could she lust in my eyes. She came from sydney she know everything. Dad came home around 5:30 and asked me to get ready for a party. He told me new restaurant was opening in market tonight and owner has invited tax office staff for a drink. It was very hot and i was dying for a cold beer. On our way to the market, dad asked me about sarmista and what did she told me. I told him everything except our talks on life, love, money, movies and tea. I told him she is very nice decent girl and i’m very happy to have her as my friend. He was quite again, think what i just said and just before arriving to the restaurant he told me she will be here with her dad too. I was excited and happy. We went in and we were greeted by his office staffs. I looked around for sarmista, she wasn’t around. I was bit disappointed as i was expecting her. I stayed with my dad and asked for a san miguel beer to drink. After half an hour, at 7 pm, i heard sarmista. I looked at her, she was wearing v-cut tight pink t-shirt and blue quarter jeans. She looked very beautiful. As she approached the table, she asked her dad, if we could sit on next table. Her dad looked at my dad and both old men said, “go… Go….enjoy yourself” as i was sitting on next table, i asked her “ they want us to enjoy ourselves, you got any plans?” She looked at me mysteriously, smiled a bit and said “may be!”
Knowing we didn’t had to pay bills we ordered chicken chilly, goat meat sekuwa (bbq) and allo ko achar (potato pickle). I got san miguel beer and she drank a glass of coke. Later upon my insist she drank one glass beer. We compared life in nepal and australia, work and education, love and marriage and then finally sex. Topic was getting interesting and hot as she was getting more and more comfortable with me. Dad called me, our time was up and we had to get back. It was already 10 pm.

While getting out of the restaurant, dad told me we were all were walking home. It was a beautiful night and all were drunk and excited. Everyone wanted to enjoy night as much as possible. Sarmista was happy to walk home and i was happy she was around. On our way back we picked up our conversation and lost our speed. Every one were walking ahead of us. I was walking with sarmista. Occasionally, i would touch each her hands and boobs using hand gesture to elaborate things or i would trip on to something and fall towards her body. I wasn’t drunk but i had excuse to touch her. Later she held me by wrest. I inclined to wards her. As we approached her home she looked at me and said, she really had fun with me and she will met me tomorrow around 11 am out side the office. I said ok, then she did some thing really unusually, she hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks. I was stunned. She giggled and said, don’t worry when you come to australia, you will know this is how aussie greet their friends. That night i couldn’t sleep. I was going through so much emotions and excitement. I felt for her. I liked her and i loved her. I felt like i was half dead hollow body living without a soul. I was going through the roller coaster of emotions. I wake up with a sound of alarm, 6 am. Timer to run. I ran towards airport. I ran for 20 minutes and started my stretching. Some kicks and punches and kata. I like shadow boxing and free style though i haven’t taken any classes for them. I practice what i see in movies. I’m not a professional player or nation player of any kind. I like to keep my self fit and strong. Physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally stable is my motto. As i was running towards home i saw sarmista, in a shop buying milk. She saw me, and started laughing. I was sweating and breathing heavily. I didn’t stop to say hello. I went home. After breakfast / lunch i went to meet her, outside office. She was standing there as beautiful as ever, wearing white d&g t-shirt and blue jeans. She looked so beautiful and elegant. I told her she was the most beautiful girl i had ever met. She didn’t believe me. She told me she had to go chitwan, tadi, and asked me if i could join her. I said sure. She said i could borrow her dad’s bike if i knew how to ride. I went and borrowed bike from her dad and told my dad about our plains and off we went.

I was riding a bike and she was behind, just holding me slightly. Nepal’s roads are crumbled from edge. Its never been a smooth ride, with lots of bumps, ups and down. We had long graveled road ahead and she slowly came closure. Squeezing me and holding me, pressing her boobs on my back. I was following bumpy path deliberately, she would jump and hit me with boobs and i would get the sensation from head to toe. She knew what was happening. She was from sydney, had seen hindi movies and read magazines. As we came to pitch road, she came closure to my ears and asked “had fun?” I stayed cool and said “yep”. She giggled and i laughed. It was a open licence, an acknowledgment of our intentions. We reached tadi. We went to her grand parents house. She didn’t had to introduce me as her dad had called old couple. Her grand parents lived in an old one storey house. Two rooms, living room and kitchen. Toilet was out side. They were very funny and nice people. They asked about sydney and told us about their local community. We had snacks and talked for few hours. As we were planning to leave it started to rain. It was already 5 pm. Her grandpa asked us to stay tonight. He said, “its raining and dangerous to ride bike at night. I’ll call your dad”. Sarmista was ready but i was very reluctant. I had already scanned their house. They didn’t had enough bed for us. I knew i would be the one to suffer at night. Old couple would take their bed and sarmista would get guest bed, i would be the one to sleep on the floor. I told sarmista about the situation in english as i didn’t want to upset the old couples and she replied , “don’t worry…i’ll make you warm and cozy,…adin”. At 6 pm we had load shedding. In nepal, due to lack of enough electricity we experience 30 – 40 hrs of load shedding every week. Due to load shedding we have hight rate of crime, theft and pregnancy. We had hour dinner at 7 pm in candle light, and at 8 pm we were in our bed. Old couple went into their room, sarmista was given guest room and i was sleeping in old smelling couch in lounge room. Not happy at all. It was too early to sleep, it was raining outside. There was no light to watch tv or read book. I was restless and cursing me for coming tadi with sarmista. Couch was so smelly, and i got itchy all over my body. I was sitting in bed, trying to meditate as there was nothing else to do. Sarmista came closure to me and asked if i could come outside with her. She has to pee. We went out, it had stopped raining. It was full moon night and everything looked fresh and clean. After she came from toilet i told her, “i can’t sleep there in that smelly couch. I can’t sleep right now, i’m full of energy. Its too early to sleep.” She said, “i know what you mean. I can’t sleep either. Lets sit here and talk.”

We sat next to each other and talked about passing ielts and apply for college. As we were talking our body started to touch each other. I spoke softly in her ears, “can i have fun, again?”. She looked at me and said, “you been scanning my body all day yesterday and had fun on bike today, now you need more?” I didn’t say a word. Just put my hands on her shoulder and kissed on her neck. She squeezed my hands and i knew it was yes. My dick was hard and i was rubbing against her hip. My hands moved inside her t-shirt, feeling her soft breast. There was no bra. I asked her, “don’t you wear bra?” She said, “aren’t you glad, i didn’t to night.” She slided her hand in my trouser and messaged my dick. I was sitting behind her, so i put my left hands on her boobs and right hand between her leg. I could feel her bush and wetness of her pussy. She was breathing heavily and i constantly asked her to keep it low. After 10 minutes, it started to rain again and we went in. I made my bed as if i was sleeping, just in case oldies wake up to go toilet. I followed to her room and closed the door. As i was lying next to her, she said, “i’ll make you warm and cozy, adin…”I looked at her and started kissing her. She opened my vest and trouser. She asked, “don’t you wear undies?”. I looked at her and said, “aren’t you glad, i didn’t to night”. She giggled. We had a full body contact, she was completely in my arms. I was kissing her passionately and massaging her back. I followed her spinal cord and shoulders. Slightly pinching her and biting on her neck. I kissed her soft skins, ears, wrist and arms. Slowly kissing her boobs and bitting her nipples. Just enough pain to give her pleasure. She was breathing heavily. I came down to her stomach and navel, biting, pinching and kissing slowly and smoothly. I took off her pants and undies. I started kissing her long leg and massaging her ankle and muscles. I took time and didn’t rush. I was hard on……it would take me seconds to get off, but i wanted to give her organism. I wiped her pussy with my handkerchief, and started kissing it. I was down under her and she was in great pleasure, she started to moan slowly and silently, uhu….uhhu…woo…..aha….. Ahha….ahhha…. Ahhhha….uhhhhu, aiya…aiya…..ajha….ajha…..bestarai……bestarai.
I was kissing and licking hard. I had found her g-spot and wasn’t going to let it go. Her moan was getting louder and strong. I was afraid grand parents would wake-up by the sound or they were awake, just wondering what to do. I was rubbing her legs and boobs, pinching her nipples and messaging her tommy. She went rigid and was holding me tightly, not making any sound but pushing hard. Finally, i felt the secretion in my mouth and she was relaxed. I spat on my handkerchief. She looked very relaxed and tired. She said she had never experienced such a sensation before. I again kissed her and then she slowly started rubbing by body. I was hard on and ready to explode. She was shocked seeing my dick. Its huge, 8 inch long 6 inch round. She gave me oral for few minutes. Gently sucking my cock and jerking up and down. It was my turn to moan. I felt my whole being was in the tip of my dick being suck by sarmista. I had millions of vibrations going through my nerve. It was a constant struggle to hold my breath and control.

She asked me if i had condom. I didn’t. I told her i would use withdraw method. She was afraid but i convinced her i was good at it. She said,“ok. It shouldn’t matter, today is 7th day of my period. I’m in safe period”. I was more than happy. Slowly and gently i went in. She was opening her mouth in pain. I started to hit her, and she couldn’t control herself. I was getting more and more energetic and fucked her hard. As my balls were hitting her ass it would make pat….pat….pat sound. On top of that her, moans….uhh….uhh…..aha…..aha….. Oi….oi….ahha…..aiya….aiya….wow…..wow…ajha….ajha…..bestarai……bestarai……launa….launa….aiya…aiya…..maryo….maryo…uhu….uhu…..uhhu….ahha…… Was keeping me busy. The bed was banging to the wall…. Dhak…. Dhak….dhak. I was coming to my climax and i asked her in or out? She said out… Please…..wow…. Io.. Out…i withdraw and shot on her stomach and boobs. She opened her mouth and took my dick and sucked it clean. I was totally drained and tired. I had never fucked anyone before and this was cool. I wiped my cum from her body and she cleaned her pussy with drinking water. I went out and slept on my bed. I didn’t felt any smell or itchy. When i wake up next morning, i heard news in radio nepal. Sarmista was sitting on a chair drinking tea, her grand ma was in the kitchen and her grand pa was sitting near window. I wake up and my whole body was aching. I looked at her and she looked shy and serious. Her grand pa was smiling at me mysteriously. I tried to get up but my dick was hard and poking out. I drank tea and quickly went out when no one was watching me. No one asked me any thing or told me any thing. Everyone was quite. I didn’t dare to ask or say anything. Grand pa gave sarmista rs 500 as a gift and we left for narayanghat at 10 am. On our way sarmista asked me to stop near a jungle. I asked her what’s the matter. She said her grand parents knew everything about last night. Grand ma said, “in her 60 yrs experience, she haven’t heard any one enjoying and making sounds as we did. Whole house was shaking. She was afraid her neighbors might think its them”. I stayed quite. She giggled and said,“don’t worry she won’t say anyone, she made me promise…besides, they were very impressed by your performance.” For next 2 weeks, we had lots of sex in my place. Then i went to kathmandu and she went to sydney. When i arrived sydney after 4 months she was there to pick me up in airport. She was living with her boyfriend and his beautiful young sister. She introduced me as her far cousin…..to be continued. itsmyfunworl@gmail.com


Hello I am Samir, 21 yrs from NEPAL. In my family, there are only 3 members, mum Shanti, 43 yrs, me and my sis Amika, 8 yrs. I came to know about sex at the age of 16. From that age I used to like watching mature women’s beauty. Among one of them is my own mom. Before 5-6 years, in our society, most houses had no bathroom inside their houses. So that people had to take bath in open place, back of the house or the edge of the house where the water source like well, hand pump or taps belongs. This way, I got opportunity to watch neighbor’s women body while they took bath from the top of the house and my mum’s body from the window sitting inside the room. I had a binocular to help me closer view for this. But now in my house and most houses, bathrooms are made.

Some years earlier, my mum, Shanti’s body shape was very attractive, slim, 32-28-30, natural face in white color, looked like the copy of Bollywood Nepali actress Manisa koirala. She always use to wear sari and in the bed room nighty while sleeping. At the present time, she was just 43 yrs, body shape 35-30-34 but looks like 30 yrs. While I used to go with her out side the house no one can guess us, we are mother and son, think sister and brother. From my childhood age my body structure began to improve more than my age. So now at 22, I look like a mature guy. Hey u are bored about the descriptions don’t do like that. I am going to tell the real fun about the first sex in my life. But before this I have to tell something about my father. While I was 18 yrs, my father married to another woman and settled in the city with new wife. So that my mother was alone with her young son and little daughter. I was very upset and felt sympathy towards my mom. As a young son, I understood that I should make my mum happy. Before this we were dependent towards father. But after this, my mom joined teaching in a Private school for the expenditures of us and house. In that time I finished 12th grade and join engineering in Computer Science.

I and mom became like friends. We used to share every problems and joys in our life. I was too close to her that I didn’t know when I attracted towards her. I liked her very much and then thought how to get her. But I was afraid of the culture in our society. No one can think about the relation of mother and son in dreams also. Even we were very close to each other, I couldn’t tell her about my attraction towards her. After 1 year, I joined the engineering mother brought a computer in my last teen yrs birthday. I also joined internet with it. My mother asked me to teach the computer. I taught her most of the programmes in computer that I know. While I taught her, I enjoyed touching her body making her unknowingly. Her tits and hip weren’t bigger, they were in perfect shape. I liked her sweat smelling coming from her under the shoulder. After she used to go to sleep with little sister in her room, I used to search the sex web site and masturbated, imagining fun with mom, once or twice till I fell asleep. Every morning, she used to take bath and I also used to get up early to peep her bathing from a tiny hole I had made after the bathroom was constructed in side the house. Her body is so perfect that I never imagined any girl of my age.

While she used to take bath, I came to know that she was also horny. She always masturbated once a time in the bathroom after father left her. This thing also made me very upset that I couldn’t do any thing for her. Sometimes I thought, I should cross the boundary that was made by our uneducated ancestors. This was continued till that day, I got a mail from one friend Rahul, who had gone to India for his higher studies last year. He is my very close friend. He knows me and my family well. He wrote me that you have a gift in this web site ww.indiansexstories.net in incest stories. I was surprised and search the web site immediately. I saw there many stories about mom and son fun. I had a great relief after reading the stories. At that time it was 11 O’clock at night. I determined that if every one is doing so then why I should be back from this in the 21st century world. After that I went to mom’s room, there she was sleeping with my little sister wearing nighty. Her room has little light coming from side lamp. She was looking damn sexy. I put my lips towards her; she realized some thing wrong, so she opened her eyes and amazed to see me doing so. She became angry with me and asked me to go to my room. But I caught her hand and ask her to come to my room. She asked me why I should go there. I said please mom I want to show u a real gift. With a great surprise she moved towards my room. There my computer was running. One incest story about mom and son was on the screen. I asked her to sit on the chair and read the text in the computer. She went on reading the story. I could see her face changing red and bright while reading the story. She looked horny. I was sitting the back of her. Slowly I put my hands on her chicks and move smoothly.

She didn’t say anything. My hands went under her neck inside the nighty. She was not having bra inside the nighty. I pressed my hands on her perfect tits. I was erected and my cock expanded. I played with her tits till she finished the story. I took out her hands from the nighty and put one hand under her hip and other on her head. I carried her on my hands and rest her on my bed near the computer. She said me that it is wrong my boy, u should understand. The story that was written in the computer wasn’t real. It is fictionous. I said no mum its true. There are other many stories about the fun of mom and son. Only some might be fictinous but most of them are real. I said her that I saw u masturbated daily u taking shower. She was surprised to hear this that I always watch her taking bath. Then I put my lips on her lips. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth. She remained silent. I found her saliva very tasty. I made her lie down on the bed. My hands were busy to open the hooks of the nighty. After some time I took out the nighty and she was completely naked in front of me. Before this I had chances to watch her fully naked from the hole but she was unknown about. That was very inconvenience for me. This time she realized of me exposing her nude body. Then my tongue went towards her pink hairy pussy. I licked it like honey on plate. I was taking long breathe as she was. Then she also opened the secret that she also used to watch me from key hole of the door while I search the sex website at night and masturbated. Then she asked me to take out my clothes and very pleased to have a look on my dick. She came close to me and put my dick inside her mouth. This was the first time my dick had entered in any hole.

I felt electricity current was blowing inside my body. She then moved her mouth slowly. This continued for 5 minutes I cum inside her mouth. No any drop of cum came outside of her mouth. She drank all the cum very tastily. Then I kept my one figure inside her pussy. I felt some oily there. She asked me to put my dick inside the pussy. I tried to insert my dick inside but not able to do so. That’s why she caught my dick and kept at the mouth of the pussy spreading her thighs and asks me to press the dick. Her pussy was very tight, because not having sex for a long time. Slowly I pressed my dick and it started to go inside. I also experience my first sex with my own mom. I feel that I am one of the luckiest guys in this world who got the real thing that most of the people didn’t get. Slowly I moved my dick out and in and the speed also increased. After 15 minutes I cum inside her pussy. She said that she cum 2 times during this period. In that night I fuck her 4-5 times. I didn’t have to be worry about her pregnancy because she had already family planning. Last week we celebrated my moms 43rd birthday. On that day, in the morning, first I got up and saw my mother near to me sleeping on the same bed. Then I woke up her and wished her.

That day I was very glad that we were going to marry each other being bride and bridegroom without calling other. I and mother both went to the bath room and took shower. I rubbed her body with soap, while I put soap on her tits it started to expand like the balloon while blowing air. They are bigger than before. I put my tongue inside her mouth and give her French kiss. I didn’t like to have a fuck at that time. Last night we fucked till mid-night for 2 or three times. So that first I liked to be fresh taking shower. Then after finishing taking shower both of us came out of the bathroom and I went to bed to have a morning sleep. Mum went to kitchen to prepare breakfast. After 1 hour she woke up me to have tea and breakfast. In this time, my little sister also got up. We had tea and breakfast together in the dinning room. After some time, my little sis is ready to go to school. I didn’t go to college. I saw mother, being ready to go to office. She was before the dressing table mirror and putting lipsticks and looking gorgeous damn sexy. I went near her from back I kiss on her neck part and put my chin there and looked at the mirror. I was very pleased to be couple to my own mom, my dream lady. I saw her pleasures on her face. We had forget our ass hole father. We are living happily and having very good time. She was wearing blouse and sari. I take out the edge of the sari from her shoulder and ready to unhook her blouse. Then she said that she was being ready to go to office. Then I showed her anger on my face. Then she was ready to take leave. I was busy taking her blouse and sari from her body while she was calling at her school for leave. After that I started suck her boobs. And then put my rod in her hot pussy. We fucked for some time till I cum inside her pussy. Then we talked to go to watch cinema at the near theater. We set off to the theater, there I saw Hindi cinema called Ek Chooti Si love Story was running. I had seen the movie once but not my mom. I was very pleased to show her the movie. I liked the story of that cinema very much. I imagined the boy there is me and the actress Manisha, my mom.

Because of sex symbol film the theater wasn’t packed. As the movie started, my mom watched the movie very interestingly. There weren’t more crowd. We were sitting at one corner of the hall. No one could see us. While there was scene of the exposal of Manisa Koirala, I became hot and started to press moms boob, took out the boobs and started to suck. Then I ask her to sit on my thighs, lifted her sari up to her waist and put down her panty and started to insert figure. Then she became wet and taking out my rod, I put it inside her pussy and started to fuck her from the back side. After the movie ended, we went to a hotel for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I booked a cabin in the hotel and asked to bring a cake and candle. After some time, a waiter brought the thing I demanded. My mother lit candles there writing 43 and cut the cake and fed me it and I also fed her the same cake joining my mouth with her and played her tongue with mine. Both of us kissed each other for a long time pressing our body against each other closing eyes. Then I sat on the floor and lifted the sari and put down the panty and started to lick her pussy. Within few minutes she cum on my face. I lick most of the cum like honey and washed my face near basin. Then we went home, My little sister was also arrived from school.

She was very innocent about the relation of her mom and brother. Mom went to kitchen to prepare dinner for sister. At 8, my little sis went to bed. Our new session started, I was taking rest on bed then mom came there. She was looking different from other time. She was wearing red dress, which women use to wear at the time of marriage. She looked bride and ask me to change a suit that was in her hand. I also changed it. She said that she was wearing the same dress that she wore at the time of marriage with my ass hole father. And the suit was also same that my called father wore at the time of marriage with my mother. Mom asked to put sindur on her forehead, mangalsutra on her neck and garland on her neck and be my husband. I also did so. She put garland on my neck and she put her forehead on my feet and said that who would be mine till her death. I felt it was my real marriage day. She brought 2 bottles of beer and glasses from the kitchen and pour in glasses. We started to drink and became horny. After finishing beer, I took all her clothes like a husband does in the honeymoon night. She took off my clothes. Both of us became nude and started to do the same we use to do from last years. Hope u like it. Any girls or mature woman especially from Nepal, Darjeeling, Bangalore can write me if she is interested in me at ( itsmyfunworl@gmail.com ).


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mai ush samay 10th std me tha, aur boys school me padtha tha aur uske karan koi ladki ke sath dosti nahi tha, ghar me to har samaay bas pado, magar andar hi andar sex k liye mar raha tha, mai bilkul hi simple type ka tha aise hi din bit rahe the tabhi ek din AMY (name changed) meri bhabi ki bahan ghar aayi, mujhe pata nahi tha ki woh ghar par he, mai jab ghar aaya to ushe dekhkar chouk gaya,( wohbahut hi gori hai, slim figure, chhoti chhoti doodh, aur woh dekhneme MANISHA KOIRALA ki tarah thi, aur woh kathmando par raheti thi) hum bachpan se hi bahut ekdujese milte the woh mujse 2 sal ki badi thi aur mai ushe didi kaheta tha, jab bhi woh ati thi hum sath me hi sote the kyunki koi bhi hume bura nahi sochte the, magar ish bar kuch aur hi tha, humne dinner sathme hi kiya, aur ghar par bas hum char hi the woh, mai, maa aur bhabi, maa aur bhabi sone chale gaye aur hum baithkar tv dekhne lage aur bate karne lage apni lyf k bare me.
aur achanak usne kaha kya tum jante ho mai yaha direct kyun aaya, maine kaha tum hi batado tab usne kaha tumhare liye, maine kaha mai samjha nahi, tab woh start ho gayi aur kaha ki bachpanse main tumhe pyar karti thi magar tum mujse chhote the isliye kuch nahi kaha magar ab to tum samaj sakte ho mai tumse sach me bahut pyar karti hoo aur tumhe pana chati hoo plz naa mat kahena, maine kaha dekho tum mujse badi ho maine tumhe kabhi aisa nahi socha he yeh nahi ho sakta he, log kya sochenge im sorry. tab ushne kaha ki badi hoo to kya huwa kareena bhi to shahid se badi unhe to kuch nahi huwa aur meri maa bhi mere dad se badi, ajkal kuch nahi hota sab kuch chalta he, aise hi discussion chalti rahi aur baris bhi a rahithi october mahina tha aur bijli garane ki karanse maine tv off kardiya aur kaha ab so jawo mai sone jarahahu aur mai bed room chalagaya kuch der bad woh bedroom par aayi aur thik mere pas baith gayi aur muje samjhane lagi aur rat ke 11 baj rahe the mai leta huwa tha aur woh mujse satke diwar par thes lagke baithi thi aur heavy rain k karan electry chali gayi aur sayad adhere k karanse usne mujhe lipatke pakadliya maine socha woh dar gayi kyunki yeh to hamare liye common tha, par jab bijli aayi to maine kaha bas ab mujhe chhod do magar usne mjhe nahi chhoda aur kaha aj to mai tumse jaise bhi haa kahelaugi, aur usne mujhe gal par chuma fir dhire dhire gardan pr chumne lagi aur anpa garam sas se mujhe uksane lagi mine kaha plz chhodo yeh galat he koi dekh lega to mujhe to mar hi dega, magar woh aur hi pagal ho gayi aur pagaloki tarah chumne ne lagi gaal, kaan, gardan aur chhati chumne lagi aur mai nahi chahate hue bhi khud ko rok nahi paya, mera koi experience nahi tha kabhi kisiko chhuwa bhi nahi tha aur isike karanse main sab bhul gaya uske upar chad gaya aur chumna aur chatna suru kardiya, josh me kab maine uski tops aur bra utar diya mujhe pata hi nahichala aur usko tongue kiss karna suru kardiya usne mujhe kaske pakad liya aur nakhun se mere pithme kharochne lagi phir main uske doodh pakad k dabane laga aur pagaloki tarah chusna suru kiya aur 1st time k karanse main jhadd gaya aur main dhila ho hogaya mere underwear puri gili ho gayi, magar woh mujhe chumti rahi phir kuch der badme mai jag gaya aur mera lund pura khada ho gaya ab jaise bhi mujhe uski chut chahiye tha ab bahut ho gaya ab mujhse raha nahi ja raha mujhe chod ne do maine kaha to usne kaha mera period cal raha hai abhi nai plz mujhe kya pata period kya hai maine uski skirt utar diya aur panty k andar hath dalkar ungli dalna suru kardiya aur woh ekdamse bokla gayi,bur par chhote chhote bal thi aur bahut tight bhi thi, maine uski panty utar di usne kuch nahi kaha maine zip se lund ko bahar niklaya aur main ghutno par khada ho kar usko ko apne aur khicha aur bur ki ched par lund rakhkar dalna chaha par chhed kaha he pata hi nahi chala, lund bhi dard ho raha tha tab usne ound ko pakadke chhed par rakh diya aur kahs plz dheere se try karo , maine kosis ki magar nahi ja rahi thi aur woh kahe rahi thi plz bad me karna abhi chhodo magar kaise chhod sakta tha maine kosis karke achanak dhaka diya to woh chila padi aur lat marke mujhe dhakel diya aur pair bandh k baithi rahi sayad mera supada ghusgaya tha, maine kaha kya hua to usne kaha ki bahut dard huwa aur jal bhi raha he, plz nahi fir kabhi, maine kaha plz mat roko dheere karunga, main apne apko nahi sambhal pa raha hoo nahi kiya to sayad mar jaunga plz ekbar magar woh bilkul bhi nahi mani. aur maine kaha to thik he abse mujhse bat mat karna, & i’ll not luv u to ushne kaha thik hai tumhe satisfaction chahina mere pass ek idea he jawo lund ko achhi tarase dhokar awo fir, maine socha dhoke degi aur turant mai dhokar aagaya,aur usne kaha chupchap rahena main kuch bhi karu tum kuch mat kahena, tab usne mere lund ko pakda aur upar niche hilane lagi karib do minnute bad me woh jhukar mere lund ko apne muh par daldiya aur paheleto jibse khelne lagi aur 2,3 minutes badme badi passionatly se chunse lagi,( maine blue film me dhekha tha to mere liye kuch naya nahi tha) uske bad teji se dadse chabti hui chunse lagi aur main uski sar k bal kokaske pakad kar upar niche karne laga aur sathi uski doodh ko jorse jorse dabane laga karib 5, 6 minutes badme mujhe kuch hone laga maine ushe khich k pakad aur puri lund andar karke uashe hilne nahi diya aur sari pani (sperm) uski muh me chhod diya , fir ushe chhod diya fir usne jaldi se towel me sari pani thook diya aur gusse kaha jara bhi tamij nahi tab maine kaha yeh to tumhare hi idea thi, par sachme bahut maza aaya thanx kaha aur lip kiss karte huye so gaye, subhe uthato usse najar millana saram lag rahata, fir mai ghar se bahar nikla aur rat ko aaya fir woh mere pass ayi aur kaha kya huwa maine kaha sorry mai kal hosh kho baitha magar yeh nahi ho sakta im sorry kaha to woh rone lagi, mai usehe avoid karta raha sayad woh bhi samaj gayi, aur uske thik 1 hafte bad mai bangalore aagaya,aur ushse kabhi nahi mila suna he ki yeh december me uski shadi hai,
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अनुराधा र मेरो सम्बन्ध के थियो र के छ , पुरै कथा कसैलाई भनेको छैन। मम्मिलाई जो थाहा छ, त्यो पुरै होइन। घर भाडिन्छ कि भन्ने डर सधैं हुन्छ मलाई। तर आज म भन्छु पूर्ण सत्य। बोर्ड फस्ट छोरी हो मेरो, बुझ्ने र बिष्लेषण गर्ने क्षमतामा छ तिमीमा। आज बिसौं बर्ष देखि यो सत्य कसैलाई न भन्नु भन्ने कसम खुवाएकी थीइ अनुराधाले। आज त्यो कसम तोड्दै छु। अनुराधा! मलाई माफ गर, आज तिम्रो कथा भन्दै छु। ट्याक्सी घर छेउमै रोकियो !
किन भन्दा त सेक्स ज्यादा गरेकीले रे। उसले एक दिन बिहानको कुरा सुनायो ५ बजे नै गएको मेरो स्कूलको स्किर्ट छोटो छ अनी बाइकमा बस्दा ब्यागले खुटटा छोप्छु। आज स्कूलमा कोही आएको थिएन हामी क्लासमा गयो अनी सरोजले मेरो स्किर्ट उचाल्यो अनी उस्को जिप खोलेर सरप्राइस सेक्स दियो हामीले लामो किस पनि गर्योन अनी मेरो सरोज लाई ए उटा केटीले मन परौछ त्यो पनि बिहानै आएको छ राइछ मैले त त्यो अगाडि नै सरोज् लाइ किस् गरे अनी हग पनि गरे। who cares!! fuck!!

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